Rant: Korean guys and women who want to marry a Korean guy based on Kpop idols

Get to know several Korean guys in person and then decide if you want one as a boyfriend or even in the end marrying one. I am tired of seeing girls and women around my age invade my pen pals or harass my friends and having them late reply to me after getting several messages from Kpop fans who are looking for a potential Korean boyfriend. I do not sound jealous, in fact I am happy that people want to know about Korean culture but not to the point of chasing the guys in hope of landing a Korean boyfriend or husband.

Korean guys/men when it comes to their third wingman are like other guys they as well think with their 3rd wingman when nothing else is functioning. Get to know them through a Korean guy friend in real life not through the web. Most of the Korean men in the web could be hiding their true selves just as any other guy from any other ethnicity will do.

As well there is a difference between Korean guys and Korean men. At least the Korean men takes their time in knowing a woman before going serious and does not makes any promises that he does not keep. In addition they are there for their female friends. I know they are hard to find among a sea of Korean guys who want to have a hoard of girls and women after them or in their contacts to validate their at times weak manhood.

This comes from someone who has several Korean men friends who I have heard them(both in real life as well my long time pen pals) complain about girls and women harassing them with silly messages or only care to talk about kpop or Korean dramas.  And if you are interested in learning the language do so as well ask them if they as well want to know about your culture as well.

Trust me Korean men the ones that are worth knowing will be interested as well. If you are looking for Korean friends you can find them also Korean women, but please do not use them as a trophy or to only blab about Kpop artist or the latest in Korean drama. Please stop harassing them!